Product Properties

  • We use the highest quality materials – high density corrugated cardboard and durable HDF. Both the cardboard and HDF boards are made in Poland and comply with all EU safety regulations.
  • At Miglio Design we use high density cardboard – not only does it make our products much more durable, they all also look amazing.
  • Using HDF boards on the sides of our products makes their construction stronger and allows us to introduce new attractive design.We use basic colors to make sure our products look good in every home.
  • It took us a long time to perfect the manufacturing process, but we managed to achieve the quality that we wanted – the products have nice smooth edges, cardboard is durable and yet velvety soft. HDF boards are laser cut and hand polished which ensures that there are no splinters and cats will not get hurt.
  • Every step of production is done on our premises, by us and our employees.We have full control over quality, from the moment cardboard is precut to final touches when packing. Each product is hand polished and checked to ensure highest quality.
  • All materials that we use are safe and comply with EU regulations.